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Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans We offer year-round grounds maintenance plans that provided complete service to your property. This provides weekly mowing, edging and blowing. Also, weed control, fertilizing and pruning as needed. We divide the cost into equal payments over a ten-month or a twelve-month time period, whichever you prefer. We offer this service for residential and commercial properties.

Included in these plans are:

  • Weekly mowing during the active growing season and as otherwise needed to maintain a neat appearance
  • Edging or weed eating all turf areas, along all paved and curved borders and plant beds
  • Litter Pickup and Leaf Removal
  • Fertilizing Turf three to four times annually depending on the grass height and specific needs of your lawn
  • Blowing off all sidewalks and paved areas on each visit. Paved joints and cracks in sidewalks will also be kept weed-free
  • Fertilizing trees, shrubs and ground cover annually to maintain growth
  • Shrub pruning in accordance with the intended function of the plant
  • Tree maintenance up to 8’ in height will be kept free of suckers and low lying branches
  • Weed Control in shrub areas will be continuous
  • Weed control in turf will be applied

Clearwater Sprinkler Company is the company we call for irrigation start-ups, winterization and repairs.

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Serving Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, WA and surrounding areas, including Moscow and Pullman.

Fertilizing and Weed Control

Our fertilizing and weed control program is done with the goal of lush, weed-free lawn that you can enjoy all year long.

Weed Control in Turf and Plant beds

Weed Control in Turf and Plant beds Effective weed control starts with applying a pre-emergent in the spring.

What is pre-emergent?

Pre-emergent is an herbicide that prevents weeds from growing.

When should pre-emergent be applied?

It should be applied in the spring.
The trick is to time your application just before the weeds begin to grow. If applied too early, spring rains will reduce its effectiveness and the growth cycle of some weeds may be missed.

Pre-emergent is usually applied once a year.

Weeds have a harder time growing in a healthy lawn. The thick root system helps choke out unwanted weeds before they can grow. Proper fertilization and watering will also help achieve this. However, some weeds are still going to persist even in the healthiest of lawns. There are many types of post-emergent weed controls with varying effects. We use a variety of products, with the goal in mind to apply the safest, most effective product for the situation.


Fertilizing Our lawn fertilization program keeps your lawn green and properly fed all season long. It delivers the proper balance of nutrients that your lawn needs throughout the growing season. The following is our typical fertilizer applications:

  • Early Spring Fertilizer
    • Prevents crabgrass all season
    • Feeds and greens for fast green-up after winter

  • Mid Spring Fertilizing
    • Slow release fertilizer to provide a steady food source for the summer months

  • Early Summer Fertilizer
    • Nourishes your lawn all summer long as it protects your lawn from disease.
    • Broadleef weed control is also included.

  • Late Summer Fertilizer
    • Our later summer/early fall application includes a slow release, granular fertilization

  • Late Fall Fertilizer
    • The late fall application is a high potassium fertilizer, which helps protect your grass blades from drying out and cracking during the cold winter months. This will allow your lawn to recover quickly at winter’s end.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in ID & WA: