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Family Owned Business for more
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Landscape Maintenance Lewiston, ID

Greenleaf Landscape Maintenance has been the go-to company of property owners in Lewiston, and Moscow, Idaho, as well as clients from Clarkston in Washington. For 25 years and counting, our name has become synonymous with courteous and professional service at competitive rates.

Landscape Maintenance Lewiston, ID So if you want to be assured of a healthy and vibrant landscape, just contact us. We’ll be delighted to visit your area so we can better discuss your particular landscape maintenance needs.

The Beauty of Our Landscape Maintenance Services

We have been in the business long enough to develop a degree of expertise in performing various landscape maintenance jobs with guaranteed commendable outcomes.

Being a family-owned venture operating in Lewiston, ID and other neighboring cities, we are different from all the other companies because of the personal touch that we render to all our projects regardless of their complexity or size. We also offer customized maintenance plans to best address our clients’ individual maintenance requirements. Just tell us your specific maintenance concerns, and we will recommend a schedule that will perfectly provide your needed results.

Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Lewiston, ID We also render comprehensive maintenance services, so you won’t have to hire separate companies just to cover all your maintenance requirements – all you need is us. We also possess complete landscape maintenance tools – from mowers to tree-trimming equipment. These allow us to complete our projects on time and to perform our jobs with ease and utmost efficiency. Best of all, clients are sure to enjoy our affordable rates. We have, probably, one of the lowest professional rates in the industry, and we even provide options to clients who are on a limited budget.

Expertise in Lawn Care Services

One of our areas of expertise is handling various lawn care needs. From tree trimming and pruning to yard clean-up and weed control, we have the trained people who can perform all these tasks professionally and in the shortest possible time. We can also handle application of pesticides and herbicides to keep your various plantings healthy all year long. We are licensed to perform this specific landscape maintenance task, so you’re assured that everything will be done according to safety standards.

We Keep Your Landscape in Pristine Condition

We can perform weekly mowing, edging, and blowing of lawns regardless of their size. We have trained personnel who know the right height that must be achieved based on the turf type and the current season. They could effectively trim turf edges and blow off grass clippings to keep lawns healthy and looking all spic and span. Our people will use the ideal mower based on the size of your lawn for fast task completion.

For your convenience and peace of mind, we can also pinpoint a specific time of the week when to perform the scheduled mowing. We likewise have partners who can work on other maintenance jobs, such as irrigation repair and winterization. With us, you can look forward to a truly healthy and vibrant landscape no matter what the time of year.

Get Our Professional Landscape Maintenance Services

With professionals handling all your landscape maintenance concerns, you can look forward to a relaxing landscape that is well-maintained and visually appealing. Whether you own a commercial or residential property in Idaho or in nearby Washington State, we can surely serve you. Call (208) 743-0554 or (208) 791-3711 today.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in ID & WA: